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An Article Written by Tom Huppmann at 24sevenlax.com that sums up this company and its founder.

Trailblazers, Ducks, Beavers, Hazelnut, and the other Portland

???? I’m talking about Oregon! While Oregon may not be as happening as its neighboring states, it’s second fiddle to none when it comes to talented stringers. Long Island, Upstate New York, Baltimore, and…. Oregon. Right? Just where you’d expect to find someone who can string just about anything you’ve ever seen and some that you’ve probably never seen.

Minhazur, or chs_lacrosse, as he’s known on The Lacrosse Forums (TLF) is somewhat of an idol to the aspiring next generation of stringers. Not surprising, given the fact that his sticks look like works of art. Kids these days can just dispense with the junk in the Smithsonian’s collection and focus on what’s important, a nicely strung spoon.

So who is Minhazur and where’d he learn his trade? chs_lacrosse honed his skills while attending, wait for it, wait for it….Corvallis High School (CHS). He’s currently an honors student at Oregon State majoring in microbiology with an eye toward becoming a doctor. Not your typical lax bro, for sure. Turns out it was an unfortunate incident where aspiring doctor turned patient after an ACL tear (been there) that kicked off his stringing business.

In what would have been Minhazur’s first full season (’06-’07) of lax, he tore his knee up and wound up missing the balance of that year and the following year, his junior season at Corvallis. It was during this hiatus from the field that he learned to string and dye sticks. He managed to come back for his senior year and bounced from attack to midfield where CHS utilized his 6’1”, 210 lb. frame as a FOGO.

While injured, Minhazur learned the ropes, or strings as the case may be, on TLF. After fiddling with his sticks, posting a couple of pictures, and receiving comments & criticism, he developed his craft with the help of some of the notable members of the Stick Doctor’s Lounge such as “the next one” and “Sir Lax-a-lot” and guys such as Max McCool. You know, the ones with totally awesome internet handles.

That he picked up stringing and excelled at it is hardly a surprise to those that know him. Minhazur was an accomplished artist at Corvallis. He dabbled in ceramics in high school and by the time he graduated was one of the best artists to ever walk out its doors. With a flair for the arts and lacrosse, stringing and dyeing were just a natural progression; an outlet for his creativity.

What started as a local gig stringing sticks for the fine folks of Corvallis expanded to members of TLF and beyond. This outlet now takes the form of a part time business. Minhazur started One-Heart Lacrosse as a gateway for his customers. There he offers mesh, traditionals, pitas, heats, turtles, grunks, big words, and various other pockets I’ve never heard of, but they sure do look cool. You can shoot him a message on his facebook page and work out the pricing on the exact pocket or dye you’re looking for. There’s also plenty of eye candy over there if you just want to browse and see what the kids are using these days.

In the busy months, Minhazur will string 20 plus sticks. Customs make up about a third of his business. He doesn’t shy away from the request for a Paul Rabil or Steele Stanwick replica that has a bag like a goalie stick but throws like a girl’s stick. He can make almost any reasonable request a reality. Go check out his page and let him make a baller out of you or have him throw together something for your coach to hang on his wall. Like they say in Oregon at the Nike HQ, Just Do It!

Thanks 24sevenlax!